100kg hospital waste

Curing Duration,need a small incinerator, they discard 100 liters of covid masks daily.batch load, direct fire,  mobile incinerator for a variety of applications including medical waste. The unit is one of the lightest in its class ,  facilitating deployment for virus outbreaks and disaster relief operations. Primarily running on diesel 1. Where can I watch a video of a real-life application? 2. The modulating under air burners ensure consistent high temperatures needed to destroy infectious waste,  whilst retaining the flue gas for sterilization. Simply load waste into the chamber, close the door and turn on the unit. 3. When approved and paid for, how many days for shipment? 4. As per the requirement we have ordered an Incinerator that can process 100kg hospital waste and as per the  end user they are only able to put 3 bags of waste which are approximately 10kg each. So we are only able to  process 30 Kg of waste instead of 100Kg. As per the hospital the chamber volume is very small and can not process 100kg hospital waste 5. Can you give me the listing of extras needed, and  installation of the TS150 PLC Incinerator and am in  need of technical assistance? 6. What are the most commonly needed repair parts?a)   Waste Auto Loading Ram Hopper  b)   Standard Tools (What the tools are there?, Please figure out) c)   Recommended spare parts (1 year) (such as burner, refactor cement, temperature probe, etc.) d)   Commissioning and Training  e)   Support wires, clamp and bracket as chimney is 33 m height              HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with ISO9001/CE Certification. Auto. Control Waste Incinerator & Auto. Roll Air Filter(Air Purification)   Waste Incinerator RFQ(Request for Quotation) http://www.hiclover.com/ad/rfq/   EStore for Waste Incinerators http://www.haiwos.com   2022-06-24 Read more about 100kg hospital waste[…]

Medical waste incinerator design

TS model PLC incinerator is latest design for waste treatment, include medical waste, animal cremation and other solid waste. This equipment quality structural for kinds of site, like hospital, environmental department, animal cremation agencies, etc. HICLOVER Incinerator supply updated models with dual combustion chamber and smoke filter chamber with refractory lines, and the combustion chamber Read more about Medical waste incinerator design[…]

Pets crematorium up to 200KG/day

Animal Crematory Incinerator Capacity: Average 80kgs per feeding Item Specification Model A900 Internal Dimensions 120 x 90 x 85 CM Suit for Animal Cat – yes Dog – yes Pig – small Cow – no Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber Secondary Combustion Chamber Mix-Combustion Chamber Smoke Filter Chamber Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters *(upgrade to Read more about Pets crematorium up to 200KG/day[…]

Hiclover, your waste incinerator brand

Now, we push hot sale product for you. Double Combustion Chamber All waste incinerator design with double combustion chamber. High Temperature, Smoke Treatment´╝îNo black smoke, Environmentally friendly Containerized Mobile Incinerator The incinerator mounted in ISO Container before leave factory, free-installation, no incineration house build construction,movable by truck. Family Pet Dog&Cat Cremation Special design with movable Read more about Hiclover, your waste incinerator brand[…]